How Saving the Oceans Can Feed the World

Our blue planet is at a crossroads. Soon there will be nine billion of us to support. Where will all the food and resources that we need come from? There is a last refuge. One place to turn for wild unfettered beauty, abundance and diversity is under the waves, down deep into the sea, into the depths of our oceans.
我們的藍色星球正處在一個十字路口。很快地,(我們星球)將要支撐供養90億的人口。所有我們需要的食物和資源是從哪裡來的呢?這裡有一個最後的庇護所。有一個地方可以找到野生自由的美、富饒和多樣性就是在海浪之下 - 在我們海洋的深處。

Our oceans are the source of all life on our planet. Here we find the potential for unimaginable, renewable abundance. Over a billion people including some of the poorest in the world depend on our oceans and wild seafood for survival.

This incredible bounty is in danger. Every day we’re taking out so much more than our oceans can reproduce. The spectacular wildlife of the deep is being hunted with military precision, wreaking havoc upon the balance of the oceans, which has taken hundreds of millions of years to perfect.

Millions of sharks are finned. Billions of tons of seafood are caught and then thrown away. Ocean nurseries, the breeding grounds for new life, are being destroyed every day, indiscriminately. We are sabotaging ourselves and our children’s future, throwing away one of our greatest sources of strength and renewal, draining our world’s oceans of life, just when we need them the most to feed our hungry planet.

Our oceans are amazingly resilient. Sea life can reproduce quickly. It’s not too late. We can turn the tide of destruction around. The sea is not ungoverned. Just ten countries control most of the world’s wild catch. Oceana has won key policy victories in many of these countries, protecting over a million square miles of ocean, and we can do this around the world. We know what works. We need to focus on three goals: stop overfishing, control bycatch, and protect the nurseries.

With your help, we can restore the oceans vitality. We can have oceans that provide 700 million meals a day. Let’s honor the original source of life for our planet and ensure that it remains bountiful and beautiful for generations to come.

Help us. Let’s save the oceans and feed the world.








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