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Hey kids! NASA wants your help!
(註:NASA是National Aeronautics and Space Administration的縮寫)

We are building a new robot that's going to Mars... but it doesn't have a name yet.... We can't just call it 'Robot'. That's like naming your dog 'Dog' or if your parents just named you 'Child.' So we're asking you to come up with a name.

But what kind of name? For our new robot, the name could be almost anything. Maybe the name could describe how it looks. So, what does it look like? It's made of metal, with cameras for eyes, a long neck, one robotic arm, and 6 wheels for feet. So maybe a name could be: 'Big-Weird-Metal-Roller-Bot', but that's not a very good name either.
然而是什麼樣的名字呢?我們新機器人(或車)的名字幾乎可以是任何的事物。 名字也許可以是描述它看起來像什麼…那麼,它看起來像什麼呢?它是金屬製造、有照相機當作眼睛、一個長的脖子、一個機械手臂和6個輪子當作腳。所以也許可以是:‘金屬大怪漫遊機’,但是那也不是一個很好的名字。

So what kind of name could you give the rover? Maybe the name could be about something the rover will do: like zapping rocks to find out what they're made of. Maybe it could be named after someone from history - but who? A great scientist? A brave pioneer? You decide. Maybe you want to name it less about what it is, and more about what you want it to be. It's up to you! And if your name is selected, you could get the chance to sign the actual rover before it launches.
所以你能給漫遊者取什麼樣的名字呢?名字也許可以是漫遊者能作什麼: 像擊碎石頭去發現它們是什麼組成的或是蒐集石頭樣本將來有一天可能會運回地球。它也許可以被命名是歷史人物 - 但是,是誰呢?一位偉大的科學家?一位勇敢的開拓者?也許你較不想以它是什麼來叫它,而是你想要它是什麼。由你來決定吧!而且如果你的名字被選中了,在它發射前,你可以在漫遊者本尊上簽上名字。


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Our last two Mars rover missions were named by kids just like you --so we want to hear your ideas. Explore this website to find out more about our new rover. Then give us your best idea, and we may just send it to Mars!
我們前二個火星漫遊者任務就是由像你們一樣的小朋友命名的 – 所以我們想要聽你的意見。到我們的網站去瞭解更多我們新漫遊者的資料。 然後給我們你的最好意見,我們也許就會把它送到火星去!

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