Fashion Week kicks off on Paris rooftop

Paris Fashion Week has kicked off with a fresh face as French designer Christine Phung presented her new collection on the rooftops of the French capital.
當法國設計家Christine Phung在法國首都的一處屋頂上呈現了她一系列新款式、巴黎時裝週以一個新的面貌開始了。

“My collection is inspired by water and by the effect of light on the skin when it shines through water, creating lace-like shadows on the skin,” said the designer.
這位設計師說:我的作品是水和當光通過水在皮膚上創造出像花邊狀幻影 的光效所激發出來的。

The young designer was raised in France by a Cambodian father and a French mother. Her dual culture has strongly influenced her sense of style and her love of printed fabrics. Entitled “Liquid Delusion”, her spring-summer collection featured a delicate palette of metallic grey, silver and white as well as black and ultramarine.
(文法提示:Entitled “Liquid Dilusion”是一個被動時態的分詞片語,用來修飾句子的主詞collection;文法書p.143)

In an unusual setting, models walked among the crowd on the roof terrace of the famed Galleries Lafayette against a stunning backdrop of the Eiffel Tower on a clear blue day.
在一個特別的場景中,模特兒在著名的拉法葉百貨公司(Galleries Lafayette)屋頂平台上的人群中走動、背面是清澈藍天艾菲爾鐵塔(Eiffel Tower)的絕美背景。

Closing Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani presented his sophisticated designs with models often taking to the catwalk two or even three at a time.
結束米蘭時裝週時,Giorgio Armani以模特兒在伸展台一次2或3項作品呈現了他成熟精緻的設計。





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Playing with light and shadow, volume and weight, the shapes moved freely and silhouettes were fluid through waves of fabric. The blue and green colour palette made reference to the sea while warm coral and red hues conjured up images of anemones and flowers.

Looks were accessorised with large, colourful necklaces, scarves and hats while ankle-high open-heeled shoes gave the final touch to this glittering collection.


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