Amstar- spotlight commercials

At Pilotwear & Aviation Supermart, we are always looking for new gadgets that (uh) we think are really neat.
在我們公司Pilotwear & Aviation SuperMart, 我們一直都在尋找我們認為真正好的新產品。

We work a lot with Essential Gear and LED Flashlight Manufacturing Company and I was over there the other day and they handed me this and said “What do you think of this?”
我們和Essential Gear and LED Flashlight Manufacturing Company有許多的商業往來,前幾天我去那裡,他們拿這個給我,並說:你覺的這個怎麼樣?

And I said “Cool! Nice! It’s a little bright LED flashlight, bright out, you can’t; maybe you can see it in that thing.”
我說:炫! 很好! 它是一個小小燈光強的LED手電筒,非常亮,你不能(用眼睛看);也許你可以看到裡面的東西(LED燈)。

And I said, “Well, how do you charge it?” I said, “How do you put the battery in it?”
我說:喔,你要如何充電?  我說:你要如何把電池放進去?

And they said, “It’s rechargeable!”

WOW! Cigarette lighter and now THAT is a great idea. I’m always looking for a flashlight in my car and every time I find it, the battery is dead.
哇! (用)香煙點煙器,那真是一個好主意。我一直都在車內找手電筒,而每次找到時,電池都沒電了。

So this mounts right into the cigarette lighter; has a red LED that tells you when it’s charging. And (uh) since I don’t smoke (uh) I don’t need the cigarette lighter in there anyway. So it’s always there, always ready to go, and it’s great.

And (uh) we think that this is going to be the hottest little LED light for 2008.

Just pull it out, twist the light, front, and it’s ready to go!


這是Amstar-spotlight美國代理商(Pilotwear & Aviation Supermart)製作的一個介紹影片,我們覺得可以讓讀者練習聽力,所以特別將英文聽寫出來刊出。

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