Human dagger takes a stab at narrow crevice in China

Hurtling at 160 kilometers or around 100 miles per hour, Jeb Corliss takes on his hardest challenge to date. The American stuntman was in eastern China for his latest feat – flying through a very narrow valley, a mere three-and-a-half meters or 11 feet at its narrowest point.
以每小時160公里或大約100英里的時速猛衝飛馳,Jeb Corliss 接受了他畢生最艱難的挑戰。這位美國特技人員在中國東部做了他最新的壯舉,飛過一個最窄的地方僅有3.5公尺或11英尺的山谷。(文法提示:flying through a very narrow valley是一個主動時態的分詞片語,用來修飾句子的主詞 stuntman;文法書p.142)

Safely on the ground, Corliss was elated.

Jeb Corliss, stuntman, says, "I was really worried that it wasn't going to happen. I am really glad I was able to do it because it was so hard. This was so hard. This was really, really, this was the hardest thing I've ever done."

Corliss' other jumps include the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Space Needle in Seattle.
Corliss 的其他跳躍包括有巴黎的艾菲爾鐵塔(Eiffel Tower)和西雅圖的太空針塔(Space Needle)。








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