9/11 Never Forget

With many forces, we give it back there. The USS New York and what it’s going to symbolize.... Um, we’ve had some families say, “I don’t know if I’m comfortable with steel from here going into a warship.” It didn’t take long, though when we were talking about it and thinking about it, to understand that our country - this beautiful place called America, the USA - is founded by our forefathers who gave blood, gave their lives that we could live in freedom. This ship is the symbol of what our country has always been about, our freedoms.
我們在那個地方投入了許多的力量。美國海軍紐約號,它將會象徵著…。我們知道有一些家庭在說:「這裡的鋼材拿去製造軍艦、我不知道我是否會感到自在。」雖然我們在談論它、在想這件事情,但這不需要多久的時間就會瞭解到我們的國家 - 這塊被稱之為美國、美利堅合眾國的美麗地方 - 是由我們奉獻了鮮血性命的祖先所建立,來讓我們可以自由的生活。這艘軍艦代表著我們國家的一貫信念,我們的自由。

Um, I’ve told my crew that what inspired me was the realization that you know the seven and a half ton of metric steel from the World Trade Center in this ship and carrying the name New York is indeed just incredibly important. We’re building a piece of history that 50 years from now, kids are going to be in their schools and they’re studying in their little history classes. They’re going to come home and sit at the kitchen table and mom is going to ask him… you know… “What did you do today?” And they’re going to say, “Well, today we studied about 911.” And their going to look into their little history books and there’ll be pictures of the Twin Towers. And there’ll be pictures of the Freedom Tower, still in the process of being built. And right there next to it, it’s going to be a picture of the USS New York.
我告訴我的工作團隊,你知道這艘船裡有七公噸半的鋼材是從世界貿易中心來的,而且載著紐約的名字,這實在是非常地重要 - 這項認知激勵了我。我們正在建立一件歷史,從現在起五十年,小孩們將會在他們學校,他們會在他們小小的歷史課程裡學習。他們會回到家、坐在廚房餐桌上,媽媽會問他:「你今天做了什麼?」他們會說:「今天我們學到了關於911的事情。」他們會閱讀他們小小的歷史書,裡面會有双子星大樓的照片。裡面會有仍在建築中的自由大樓照片。就在它的旁邊,將會有一張紐約號的照片。

I’m originally from the State of New York and… so… the honor of being associated with the USS New York is an incredible feeling. It’s incredibly homely.

I feel that it gives me a chance to serve right along side the fire fighters and police officers that died that day because they died in the structure that is made out of the same material that my ship is. So, in a way, I feel it gives me a chance to serve along side them.

You can try and hurt us but there’ll always be that shadow out there saying, “Be careful! Because we value our freedoms and the USS New York echoes that.



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