Wine Tasting

Under here. The tip of our tongue and our nose. Ok. A lot of people don’t realize without the sense of smell there is no sense of taste. OK. Red wine we use the rear taste buds and the other two as well.
在這下面。我們的舌尖和我們的鼻子。好,有許多人不瞭解 - 沒有嗅覺就沒有味覺。好,紅酒我們是用後面的味蕾、也有用其他的二個。

Now what we are going to do first is we’re going to take a little bit of red wine [HI, ok thank you] into our mouth and we’re going to rinse it around, let it encompass the entire portion of our mouth and then we’re going to swallow it. Please.

I love my job. You know most places they fire you for drinking on the job… not here. We are accepting applications by the way [hi].



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